Engine service

As the name says, we service engines around the world – installations like propulsion, auxiliary, stationary or generator sets. Global Alignment & Engine Service is a 24/7 service partner, a young company but the experience, expertise and understanding of its employees make it a real powerhouse. We provide high quality service and spare parts for a wide variety of medium speed marine and shore-based diesel and gas engines.


16. Engine Service Services - Complete engine overhaul

Complete engine overhaul

Hour-dependent revision of your diesel engine



We can help you find the source of any deviations

19. Engine Service Services - Regular maintenance

Basic engine maintenance

Injector overhaul, valve adjustment, deflections

18. Engine service services - overhaul of engine components

Overhaul of engine components

We work according to the latest OEM standards

20. Engine Service Services - Reconditioning of engine components

Reconditioning of engine components

Increase the life span of your costly components

21. Engine Service Services - Endoscopic inspections


Inspect liners, piston and valves without disassembly

Engine service performance measurements

Performance measurements

Does your diesel engine provide the rated output?

23. Engine Service services - in situ machining


Line boring or machining of block landing surfaces

11. Alignment Services - General technical support

General technical support

Assistance on miscellaneous mechanical jobs

Spare parts

Engine parts

Engine spare parts

We supply high quality spare parts