Alignment services

Amongst our alignment engineers and field service staff we have many years of experience with alignment, chocking, measuring and machining services. Both our alignment engineers and our office staff have worked in this line of work for many years. The combination of our vast experience and the fact that we constantly monitor and improve our procedures ensures that the service we provide meets the highest possible standards.


1. Alignment Services - Shaft alignment

Shaft alignment

Increase maintenance intervals on your installation

26. Alignment Services - Geometric Alignment

Geometric alignment

Check straightness, flatness or linebores

3. Alignment Services - 3D measurements

3D measurement

Verify dimensions of structures accurately

25. Alignment Services - Bolt calculations

Bolt calculations

The correct bolt on the correct torque

27. Alignment Services - Bearing load measurements

Bearing load measurements

Extend service life of bearings and shafts


Vibration measurements

Less wear, less noise, better performance

6. Alignment Services - shaft alignment calculations (FEM model)

Shaft alignment calculations

Always ensured of proper shaft alignment

power torque

Power-Torque measurement

Make sure power output is as rated

8. Alignment Services - in situ machining

In-Situ machining

Minimize costs by machining on site

9. Alignment Services - Engineering


Calculating projects before they start

10. Alignment Services - Supply of chocking solutions

Chocking solutions

Solving chocking issues on your installations

11. Alignment Services - General technical support

Technical support

Assistance on miscellaneous mechanical jobs