Engine services

Amongst our field service engineers and field service staff we have many years of experience with maintenance, repair and overhaul of medium speed diesel and gas engines. Both our field service engineers and our office staff have worked as field service engineers at one of the largest OEM engine companies in the world. Therefore, we work according to the OEM standards and have even improved some procedures to ensure that the service we provide meets the highest possible standards.


16. Engine Service Services - Complete engine overhaul

Complete Engine Overhaul

Hour-dependent revision of your diesel engine



We can help you find the source of any deviations

18. Engine service services - overhaul of engine components

Overhaul of engine components

We work according to the latest OEM standards

19. Engine Service Services - Regular maintenance

Basic engine maintenance

Injector overhaul, valve adjustment, deflections

20. Engine Service Services - Reconditioning of engine components

Reconditioning of engine components

Increase the life span of your costly components

21. Engine Service Services - Endoscopic inspections


Inspect liners, piston and valves without disassembly

Engine service performance measurements

Performance measurements

Does your diesel engine provide the rated output?

23. Engine Service services - in situ machining


Line boring or machining of block landing surfaces

24. Engine Service Services - General technical support

General technical support

Assistance on miscellaneous mechanical jobs